Northstar Early Years Program

Early Childhood Education (preschool) at The Northstar School

 Play Stage, PreK, K1 and K2 


What guides our NEY Program?


  • Northstar Early Years (which is our preschool) is designed based on the most current research and knowledge about early childhood education

  • 4 years of preschool program provides a consistent learning experience with each year building on the previous in terms of knowledge and skills

  • Parent support and engagement in the child's learning is a crucial element

  • Our preschool program is designed to provide a secure foundation for future success and school readiness. 

Admissions Open for 2019-20

Program Elements

Sensory Play

At Northstar, play is critical element of learning in the early years. Sensory play involves allowing and encouraging children to get experience their own body and its relationship and responses to the natural surroundings. Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing are all part of the sensory world that the child finds herself in.

Imaginative Play

During the early years of life children are developing their understanding of various symbolic systems such as reading, writing, music, etc. These elements are encouraged in symbolic and imaginative play. This helps them in expressing their experiences, ideas and emotions.

Outdoor Play

At Northstar, we give critical importance to outdoor play. This type of play includes includes active exercise (such as jumping, skipping, dancing, skipping, ball play), rough-and-tumble, and fine-motor practice (such as colouring, cutting, sewing)

Art & Learning

Creative expression through different mediums is a core element of NEY program. Whether its music, painting, dance or plays, all mediums are integrated into other domains of learning.

Language & Learning

Cornerstone of our program is the Language learning. We have designed an exhaustive program called Northstar Language Arts which gradually and systematically develops language skills in our kids.

Social Skills

Through various activities, our kids learn to be autonomous, work in groups and resolve disputes. These are critical life long skills.

Admissions Open for 2019-20

Admissions Open for 2019-20

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